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Zang Writing Freelance Copywriter

Are you tired of losing sales to your competitors?

Did you start a newsletter months ago but let it fizzle out?

Do you need social media content but have no idea what to post?

Is your LinkedIn profile outdated or nonexistent?
Have you written a book and want to tell the world about it?

Are you struggling with a grant application?

Relax. I can help. 

Reach out to book a free consulation:

At Zang Writing, I'm a professional copywriter and content creator. I write business marketing copy and author promotion pieces that persuade people to take action. My words increase awareness of your products and services and most importantly help boost sales. 


Staying in front of your audience through a variety of touch points is critical. You might have the best product on the market but if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t matter.


Do what you do best and I’ll write about it.

Don’t stress over it another day. Contact me and I’ll take care of the copywriting tasks that have been repeatedly pushed to the bottom of your To Do list. You will feel so much better!

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