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Professional Copywriter Charlotte Zang
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About Charlotte


I’ve always known that I am a writer. I love to put words together in ways that cause people to think, feel, and act.


I spent more than 20 years working for advertising agencies and marketing firms as a copywriter, editor, proofreader, and public relations director. I’ve written every type of marketing copy you can name. Plus, I’ve done it in record time, shaking the words out of my wrist while frantic account managers hovered in my office, nervously tapping their feet and watching the clock.


I do my best writing in a cozy room tucked away at the back of a farmhouse on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I like the pace of life here and the opportunity to be outside often, especially on warm, sunny days.


I am fascinated by historic homes with floor to ceiling windows, curving staircases, and fireplaces in every room. If I were to collect anything other than books (my guilty pleasure) I would collect old houses and restore them back to their original grandeur. I have my eye on one in Savannah, Georgia.


In the meantime, I’m writing, working on your projects and mine. 


Connect with me and let’s tell your story.

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