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Press Release

Tales from a Tugboat Captain 

Many people are fascinated by tugboats and imagine what it must be like to work on the water. Captain Thomas Teague takes readers inside the world of tugboats in a new collection of stories about his adventures onboard titled, "Tales from a Tugboat Captain."

Entertaining and informative, Teague tells how he got started in the tugboat industry even though he planned to join the military. There are funny stories told in the captain’s unique style about some of most colorful characters he has met in his career from deckhand to captain, from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico and back.

Readers will get an inside look at life onboard a tug, including learning the ropes (literally), deciphering industry jargon, and the dangers that crew members face on every deck. There’s even a true story of survival. This book is for everyone who is interested in tugboats and those who like a good story.

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Blog Post

Soft Stuff


Everyone wants to be happy, right? That’s the ultimate goal for most people, most likely including all of you Friends of Soft Stuff. But what does that really mean? The dictionary defines the word happy as “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.”  


Happiness is subjective, personal, and most assuredly a key component in a person’s longevity. Abraham Lincoln put it this way: “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” So it turns out that happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. Today. Right now.


That’s what Gretchen Rubin did. She wrote The Happiness Project which went on to be a #1 New York Times bestseller. In the book, she explains that she set out on a journey to identify what made her feel happy and satisfied. Then she developed a list of things to do over the course of a year that would give her a greater sense of appreciation, satisfaction, and happiness. A big part of it was simply changing her attitude and appreciating what she already had. We can all do that.

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Business Article

Does Your Company Pursue an Excellent Customer Experience?


Customer service is a vital part of every business. After all, without customers, it doesn’t matter how great the product is or how intensely it is marketed. Leaders and business owners understand that interactive customer relations are the new normal and they occur across numerous platforms. To create an excellent customer experience, businesses have to really know their customers and be responsive to their needs.  

 Technology is more advanced than ever 

Your company’s products may be promoted through ad campaigns in newspapers and magazines, on radio, television, and billboards, or through direct mail. Those vehicles have their place in the media plan, but the speed of innovation is a game-changer. Many consumers (especially millennials) receive most marketing messages on their phone. They start seeing ads on social media and their online news site as soon as they get up in the morning. They scan for the best deals and subscribe to monthly delivery services. Their phone is the preferred way to observe information. An article on notes that “the smartphone is now the connective tissue between your business and your customers.” 

 Mobile is a must 

By now, all of your promotions should be mobile-friendly. Customers become frustrated when a website that they visited on a laptop doesn’t display properly on their phone. That’s a lost opportunity and the foreshadowing of brands that are being left behind.    

Marketing has become more complex than ever and fortunately, there is more data available to leverage the journey for your ideal customers. Companies need to fine-tune their promotions, adjusting the marketing tactics to connect with customers through a variety of touch points. Using real-time customer analytics helps marketers know when the time is right to upsell, recommend related products, adjust pricing, or offer coupons. It results in increased retention and improves the customer experience. 

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Healthcare Case Study


Innovative Planning for Oral Health


I am an orthodontist who treats holistically, treating the whole person. To do this, I serve as a health-care strategy partner. I refer to and work with other professionals when necessary to achieve optimum dental health as part of the overall health of my patients.

Our teeth tell a lot about our general health. The mouth is a mirror that reflects what is going on in the body. That’s what happened when I began treating a patient last year.

Meet Melanie

Melanie is a teenager who visited my office because she wanted her front teeth straightened. She also reported problems with TMJ and teeth grinding.

When talking with Melanie’s mother to compile a complete medical history, I learned that when Melanie was an infant, she nursed for three months with difficulty and had acid reflux. As Melanie got older, she became very mobile while sleeping and started to grind her teeth.

Melanie said that she suffers from anxiety. She said she has a fear of choking, and it’s difficult for her to swallow pills. That requires her to find creative ways to take her medication for anxiety and migraines. Her migraines cause her to miss numerous school days.

Doctors removed Melanie’s tonsils previously. She has an extra tooth, which contributes to crowding. She had TMJ pain despite treatment in 2016. Melanie reported a history of nail biting, has a moderate overbite (top teeth going over the bottom teeth too much) and a significant upper jaw protrusion called overjet. She had a restricted tongue and lip, also known as a tongue tie and lip tie.

Developing a health-care strategy

My passion is to help others by serving as a health-care strategy partner to patients of all ages. I’m glad that the desire for braces brought Melanie to my office. However, braces were not her primary need. The priority is to address the underlying causes of her symptoms.

To help Melanie get the best results, I compiled a list of referrals. The first step was myofunctional therapy, which addresses dysfunctional muscle patterns and postures of the oral and facial muscles.

A common dysfunction is mouth breathing. Myofunctional therapist Tracy Biggs M.A., CCC-SLP, CLC, worked with Melanie on teeth clenching and grinding, evaluating restricted tissues, and mouth breathing.

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Website Copy

Mid-Atlantic Serivces


Mid-Atlantic Services designs, manufactures and supports a large array of liquid handling equipment products for the agriculture, lawn care, golf course, and highway maintenance industries. We also offer a complete pump repair facility with skilled service technicians and fast turnaround.


Contact us for liquid applicators, ag sprayers, utility sprayers, Blu-Jet toolbars, tree sprayers, John Blue ground driven pumps, fumigant equipment, poly tanks, turf sprayers, de-ice systems, Hypro pumps, Banjo valves, TeeJet spray tips, and a variety of parts to fill your needs.

Headquartered in Elkton, Maryland since 1986, the company serves clients from Florida to Canada and all the way to the west coast.

  • Innovative Designs and Fabrication

  • Extensive Product Knowledge

  • Competitive Prices

Ask about our GUARANTEED Pump Rebuild Service

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