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What Do You Know for Sure?

On her daytime talk show, Oprah Winfrey used to ask people, “What do you know for sure?” I’ve thought about that question a lot and the answer has changed over the years.

When I was younger, I was very sure of the things I knew: how to do my job, how to run my home, what my kids needed … but as the years have passed, I realize that I have more questions and am not always sure of the answers.


I still do my job, but there are many different ways to be a writer. I have evolved from a public relations director writing mostly press releases and articles to being a publicist and social media content creator – positions that are very different, in a good way.


So what do I know for sure? I know that it’s important to refine your message. Keep it simple so people can easily understand it. Stay true to your brand. Then find creative ways to keep your message in front of your audience. Successful brands like Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple are all recognizable and have huge market shares yet they still advertise just as much as before – all in an effort to keep their current customers and acquire new ones. Your budget may be smaller, but the idea is the same: find your audience and engage with them often.


I also know that I enjoy helping clients increase awareness of their products and services, drive website traffic, and boost sales. Their success is my greatest reward.

What do you know for sure? #contentcreator #publicist


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