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Secrets to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand Out

Secrets to Social Media Success

People are bombarded with posts on social media and they scroll past most of them. But once in awhile, they stop, look, and even share posts that stand out. What’s the secret? Here are some clues:


Your content must be interesting, entertaining, or educational (in a fun way). That’s what makes people pause, read, and if they like it enough, they share.


How can you do that?


Pick the right platform. The one that gets the most attention is YouTube. It’s the world’s most visited website. Videos there get more traction, plus, YouTube also offers ways for people to earn money. Most are 10-20 minutes long.


If you don’t feel comfortable creating long videos, another option is to create short videos for Facebook called reels. All you have to do is record a short video on your phone – keep it between 15 and 60 seconds – and upload it to your page.


Get emotional!

To create content that is memorable and shareworthy (is that a real word?) it needs to connect on an emotional level. It could be something that pulls on your heartstrings or a sentimental video that might make you get teary-eyed, or something that is so crazy and unbelievable that it makes you think, “That’s awesome!” Positive examples are posts that are funny or exciting. Negative posts instill fear, sadness, anger or anxiety. Both positive and negative posts evoke powerful emotions. That’s what you want.


Teach & help

People also share content that helps other people. It could be that it makes them feel good to share something interesting. The recipient then associates good feelings toward the person who shared it. So if your video post teaches something – a special life hack or a unique way to do something – it’s more likely to be shared.


Join forces

Another way to generate some buzz is to make your product or service relatable to something else that’s going on. Piggyback on something in the news or pair your product or service with another company's product to trigger your audience to think of your company. If you own a chocolate shop, consider partnering with a winery. Create a reel that shows people enjoying your chocolate with the other company's wine. That way, people will come to associate the two products. When they buy one, they will think of purchasing the other to go with it. And as a bonus, you'll double your marketing reach!


Now, go out there and make a short video – then let me know when you upload it so I can see it and share it.

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